Grow healthy forests that survive the test of time

Our locally-adapted mycorrhizal fungi pellets enhance tree planting success, and fit effortlessly into your planting process, ensuring that new saplings flourish, build resilience to drought, and overcome the mortality rates so often seen across the forestry industry.
A Rhizocore Pellet about three centimetres squared and one centimetre thick held in hand.
Drastically reduce mortality rates
High numbers of newly planted trees die due to a lack of soil connectivity.
Vastly improve drought tolerance
Droughts are estimated to occur as a 1 in 3 event over the next 30-40 years.
20% faster growth for young trees
Our mycorrhizal fungi pellets increase the growth rate by approximately 20%.
- Our Extremely Happy Customer
“Insert a customer testimonial here, something like - our experience working with Rhizocore has revolutionised how we plant trees, and the pellets have had a massive impact on our forests. Everyone should be doing this! Fungi is my hero.”

Our planet is loosing its trees faster than ever before.

A barren, sun-scorched field.

Biodiversity matters

Up to 15 billion trees are cut down every year across the globe. And while new trees are planted, up to 80% will not survive. The world cannot keep up with this loss of biodiversity.

When young saplings do not get the essential nutrients from underground fungal networks, mortality rates soar, they become susceptible to drought and soil-borne diseases, and with unsuitable soil conditions, growth rates plummet. And yet, there is a simple, overlooked solution: fungi.
Field with several holes dug up and lines of piles of soil surrounded by forest.

Rejuvenating our soils

Environment is everything for a new tree. Soil type consideration and the localisation of species are essential in supporting saplings to adapt to their new home. We harness the power of locally-adapted fungi by growing pellets that are bespoke to every site, ensuring the most suitable, nourishing conditions enabling trees to survive for centuries to come.

And when the odds of a tree’s survival are greater? Reforestation success improves and we put down the roots needed to grow a healthier planet.

How Rhizopellets work 

Whether you’re reforesting native natural land, growing commercial woodland, or turning to reforestation to generate your own carbon, our three-step mycorrhizal fungal pellets are designed for the biggest impact, and the least fuss.
A shovel being used to dig a hole in the soil.

Step 1: Dig a hole for
for your tree sapling

Nothing new here. Simply dig a hole with a shovel on your chosen plot of land, and place your tree sapling into the ground.
A person placing the Rhizocore pellet alongside a sapling placed in a hole dug in the ground.

Step 2: Add one Rhizopellet
into the topsoil of the hole

Once your sapling is in the ground, place your Rhizopellet into the topsoil - around 10-15cm from the surface. This gives the fungi the best chance of connecting with the tree's roots.
The soil being packed by foot around a tree sapling with a Rhizocore Pellet under the ground.

Step 3: Fill over the
hole with soil as usual

Then you’re all set. Repeat for every tree on your land, and watch them grow into a forest of thriving, healthy trees. 

Ready to grow your forest?

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A future of healthy trees awaits.