Our Story

We're growing fungal networks to help reforest our planet

90 million trees are planted in the UK every year as part of restocking and woodland creation operations. Recent clear felling or centuries of agricultural management deprived the soil of valuable mycorrhizal networks leaving the newly planted trees to struggle in an unforgiving environment. We are here to change that.

At Rhizocore, we believe the future of our planet lies in the Earth. Using the wonderful, transformative power of the underground fungal kingdom, we can restore its ecosystems for years to come.

The unique, natural technology woven in the networks of mycorrhizal fungi has the potential to revolutionise reforestation across the globe, by maximising tree growth, preventing sapling mortality, reducing beat-up costs, accelerating soil biodiversity and boosting carbon capture potential. 

We envision a world in which people regenerate what has been lost. Because a world with more trees, is a world better for us all.